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I have a fair few, but those that are worth a mention;

Always On The Run - Slash & Lenny Kravitz

Sounds of A Playground Fading - In Flames
(The acoustic intro is great, but it really kicks in @ 01:09)

Nightrain - GN'R

I Know It Hurts - Alter Bridge

Still Remains - Alter Bridge - Big Favourite!

Isolation - Alter Bridge

One more Alter Bridge one

Come To Life - Alter Bridge

Love them all! There's plenty more I could fit on here but these are definately some of the best intro riff, in my opinion.
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I believe "favourite" means one, so...

Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment

It's not really an opening riff per se. Just 10 seconds of the sound that a 7-string makes when melting faces.
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Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge
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Quote by triface
I believe "favourite" means one, so...

"favourite - something regarded with special favor or liking; "that book is one of my favorites""

I've never listened to LTE before. I've heard plenty about them though.

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Learn to use it by 'The Search Function'

Favourite riffs =/= Favourite opening riffs

I know how to use the search function. Funny man. I just didn't feel the need to.
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always on the run is so damn tasty! love that riff.

i would have to say erither rock n' roll aint noise pollution or how many more times (even though it starts with bass) love when the full band come in to melt your face off
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Mine's probably The Glass Prison by Dream Theater.
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Quote by Alkaline 64
Learn to use it by 'The Search Function'

theres no need for posts like these. if its been done to many times before a mod will close it. useless input.

i love superhuman by velvet revolver, but too many to choose from. top would be
travelling riverside blues - led zepp
sweet child of mine- guns and roses
superhuman - velvet revolver
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Rise to Remain's Illusive exsistance has some pretty serious drumming in its intro, along with some good riffage so im voting for that
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Voodoo Chile(Slight Return)- Jimi Hendrix
Pretty Noose- Soundgarden
Tea For One- Led Zeppelin
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Gay Bar by Electric Six.

Fun riff to play and the lyrics speak to me.

... well...
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I think i've finally found someone who loves alter bridge as much as me
My favourite intro riff is probably Ties that bind or madhouse by anthrax
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Shut the mother#%$& up, $^%got. You have a #$%^ing terrible muther&@$#ing taste in %#$@ing music, @&%$ing movies and %&$#ing video games. Every time I see you on the forums, you are always saying something overrated and some $@&#ing sh*t. You are just mother$^@%ing ignorant as a whole.

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Plug in Baby.

Beat it.

Johnny B. Goode.

Rebel Rebel.

That's all I can think of without scrawling through iTunes to be honest..
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Ugh there's so many

Norther - Frozen Angel

Lamb of God - Laid To Rest

Children of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll

Trivium - Rain/Insurrection

Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind

I could go on... and on...
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you people listen to gay music

1) TBDM - I Will Return

2) Fleshgod Apocalypse - Thru our Scars

3) Miles of Machines - Jeff Loomis
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Voodoo Child by Hendrix, Space Time by Gojira, Into the Void by Sabbath.
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Well I don't know about solos but how about that Smoke on the Water riff. It's like...impossible.


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Rust In Peace by Megadeth is the first that comes to my mind
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Slaughter of the soul-At the Gates
Street lethal-Racer X
Lay it down-Ratt
The Mirror-Dream Theater
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Citizen Erased by Muse

And if you don't count the 17-odd seconds of non-riffage at the beginning of the song: Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree
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