So yeah, I'm a huge Phonics fan, and couldn't find a thread on it. So I started one.

Their new album should be released some time soon, and they've spent ages in the studio this time round. Hopefully it will be a return to their old selves. I haven't cared much for anything past "You Gotta Go There To Come Back". Pull the Pin wasn't a bad album, but I really don't like the sound of Keep Calm and Carry On, it just wasn't as melodic as the rest of their albums have been.

So yeah, any Stereophonics fans hiding?
I like the Live From Dakota album. Haven't seen them play, but it seems that they seem to have an edge live that I miss on their albums.

I'm sure there's a thread on these guys somewhere though. Might have to hunt that down for you.

Edit: So that's why I remember that thread; I started it.
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Hi a huge fan.
I Love them. Seen them just before xmas actually @ Shepherds bush empire, Epic gig.