Okay I just got a ESP / LTD SC-207.

Last night I was playing all was good but then I took a 5 min break.

Well when I went back to play my SC-207 sounds like there is no gain from the pickups.

Evrything is stock and worked fine till last night.

Any one every had this happen if so what was the fix ?

Thanks for any help I may get.
Probably a wiring issue, get it checked out by a tech.
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Dumb question, but did you check the volume knob?

...not that I'VE ever done that before
LOL yes I checked that.

I guess I'll just take it to the guitar Tech. and let him fig. it out.
Check every part of your signal chain. Especially cables. I freaked out once cause I bought a shiny new Ibanez Wah pedal (which is built like a tank) and a while after I started using it I found it was cutting out, turning itself of, etc. I was super worried but then I eventually unplugged stuff and shifted around etc and found that it was my dirt cheap power link cable that was refusing to power my pedals. >_>

Similarly I only have one genuinely decent guitar cable, the rest are the free cheapy ones you get from buying other junk, so I've found that a lot of them have started to die on me. And in doing so they essentially give you virtually no sound, and definitely no gain.

But yes, it could also be a wiring problem. I would have also suggested check the batteries, on any active pickups, but I think the 207 just has stock ESP pickups.
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isolate everything.

remove all effects plug straight in from guitar to amp
different guitar through existing cable, sound?
same guitar above with different cable, sound?
different amp with both guitars one at a time, sound?

etc. check out all of the possible scenarios. open up the electronics and visually look if a solder joint broke off. check for continuity on all wires.

if none of that, take it in. but my bet is that if you do all of the above and more you sould be able to figure it out yourself.
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