Hi guys, I figured some of you on here might be tumblr users so it might be a good place to ask.

This morning when I went on to my tumblr dashboard I was greeted with a security warning. The warning basically says suspicious activity has been detected on my account then offers a link to reset your password. The next page offers a box to enter your email (while allowing you to see the top section of tumblr - blog name, logout buttom, settings etc). Despite showing all these links, once clicked, they simply return you to the original security warning page. After some googling, I am aware that others are having the same problem but after typing their email addresses in, received no password reset.

At this point, I can view my own tumblr (and others) by typing in the URL, but I can't access my dashboard or even www.tumblr.com.

Any ideas? I hope all that made sense and that someone can help!
Top lel.