Hey guys, I have been looking to buy a guitar (used) for some time now and I've been given the option to choose between an ibanez RG3120 or a PRS torero. The former for 950$ in mint condition and the latter for 800$ new. I don't have much knowledge on electric guitars since I have never owned one (I've only played classical) I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinions on which would be the better option.
Definitely the 3120. MIJ Ibanezes are the shit!
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ibanez, as previously stated made in japan ibanez guitars are the shit!
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assuming you're willing to go used and can check it out to make sure it's legit and in good condition, the 3120 will annihilate the torrero.

I should point out that i haven't tried the torrero, but I'm assuming it's of similar quality to the other PRS SEs.
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Some guitarists say the torero has the best building quality in the PRS SE line but, as stated, RG3120 is a superb guitar! Don't hesitate and get the Ibanez...

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The Torero is made at the same place as the other SEs so I see no reason why it would be built better.

Get the Ibanez. Assuming it is in absolutely top condition, almost any MIJ guitar will beat a MIK one and Ibanez in particular put a lot of hard work and quality into their MIJs.
gotta add my vote to the Ibby...
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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
I'm gonna play devil's advocate and say neither guitar is better, and you should pick the one you like more.

All that aside, I'm an Ibanez man and the 3120 is a fantastic guitar- certainly one of the nicer looking ones as well if I say so myself.
It's not really a fair comparison. The 3120 was at least $1500 new, AFAIK. The PRS SE is $800 new. You're talking totally different ballgames here - the Ibanez is in its own league.
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Totally unbiased and unsolicited opinion...

I think perhaps the Ibanez seems like a better guitar. Not real familiar with the 3120 per se., but I think the pricetag alone says a lot.

/Totally unbiased and unsolicited opinion...

Oh come on already, for crying out loud, why are we even comparing these two guitars? I mean seriously, unless one is trashed and the other isn't, the choice is fairly clear. Unless you just hate Ibey's. GET THE 3120!!!
I have a PRS SE Torero. It's better than most guitars I've ever played. Having said that, I've never played a 3120, and apparently it's better made and costs more, so if you don't mind the price go with that .

Go with the one YOU like the most though.

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Get the Ibby
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