Hey guys, I've really had an interest about acoustic/electric guitars with their pickups exposed. Like on top of the sound whole, Like the one you'd see Kurt Cobain using in the Mtv Unplugged gig. I saw one in my local music shop a few months ago, I picked it up and wasn't too pleased, but recently I've just had a complete change of opinion about them.

Just was wondering if you could show me a few guitars like that, pics, names, links, anything would be helpful. Just for me to get a good insight. Thanks!

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Sound hole pickups are add ins. Standard pickups in acoustic electric guitars are called "under saddle transducers", and they're directly under the bridge saddle.l Some A-E guitars have multiple pickups, but the second unit is usually a microphone strategically mounted inside the guitar.

Here's one such unit: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/seymour-duncan-woody-hc-hum-canceling-soundhole-pickup

Here's the full result from the search term, "acoustic guitar pickups" at Musician's Friend: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/acoustic-guitar-pickups-preamps?_requestid=133800
Soundhole pick-ups, just like the under saddle transducers, are a mixed bunch. I've come to the conclusion that unless you put at least a bit of money into a pick-up, it's probably not going all that good.

The temporary install soundhole pickups have never had a pleasing sound to my ear, usually taking away the "acoustic" quality; making them sound a lot closer to a hollow body electric than an acoustic. But I'm using an L.R. Baggs M1A, which is a sound hole pickup, and I'm quite pleased with the sound that it produces.

But the same can be said about under saddle transducers. I've played guitars with cheap Shadow pickups that did very little for me, but I used the Martin Gold+ pickup for about 6 years with rather good results.

I've also heard good things about the Seymour Duncan SA-1 (another sound hole pickup). I haven't gotten to use one yet, but I know that is a favorite of Ben Harper.
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