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That's a fugly lookin guitar.

Not really sure how much a es325 costs, but I'm sure you could order a similar looking guitar from Carvin's custom shop. Still, wouldn't be that much cheaper if it was cheaper at all.

But if you're looking for cheap, either a semi-hollow epiphone or one of ibanezs artcore guitars then replace the pickups with the ones that the gibson uses.
The Epiphone "Sheraton 2" is probably the best looking reasonably priced alternative to the Gibson ES-335: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-sheraton-ii-electric-guitar It comes in burst or natural finish @ about $600.00. All the reviews I've read claim the the neck is nicer the lower priced Epiphone, "Dot". But, I've never played either guitar, so I can't speak to the matter.

Carvin's semi-hollow guitars start @ about $1500.00, but that's really stripped. These Carvins are in the ES-335 spirit: http://www.carvinguitars.com/customshop/semihollowcarvedtop.php Pretty pricey, huh?
Your best bet would be to get something along the lines of a Epi Dot, then replace the pu'ps with something more single HB voiced.
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the epi dot is a good, but not perfect starting point. though the price is pretty much perfect.

if you're willing to spend a bit more, these could work
-epiphone casiono: a bit more than the dot, but definitely closer
-hagstrom viking
The Epiphone Sheraton and the ES-325 are both "Semi" hollow bodies, but the 325 only has one "F" hole and the electronics sit in a plastic plate that covers where the bottom "F" hole would be.. Both have Maple necks and Maple bodies...

The Dots are made of Mahongany, and the Casino, while the body is Maple, the neck is Mahogany...

but thats where the similarities pretty much end...

the tail piece on the 325 is a Trapeze style while the Sheraton is a "Stop Block" style...

All of these suttle differences will effect tone... by how much is a question...

The 325 came with Mini Humbuckers so the pickups on the Sheraton would have to be changed out to match it...

In my opinion, the Sheraton is the better choice for "Getting Close" due to the woods used ...


I did find one that was on the market, but it has been sold... so.. they're out there...

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