So basicly, if i take the cable from the speaker of my amp to my pod ux1 (have tried all inputs) i dont get any sound. But if i put a cable between my roland microcube and analog output on my pod, i get sound. How can i use my other amp?
You need an amp. A headphone output is not designed to drive a cab. The uCube is an amp, that's why it works.
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I thought the UX1 was an interface for guitars, microphones and headphones?
IIRC it has 1/4" outputs like other multifx. At least my Toneport KB37 does.
yes, to get sound out of it thru a speaker cabinet tho, you need a power amp. running it direct into a speaker cabinet keeps the signal roughly the same level as if you plugged a guitar directly into a cab, which is nowhere near enough to drive the speakers in any cabinet