Hey guys, I'm looking to get a looping pedal since it seems like it'd be a lot of fun to play around with. That being said I know nothing about pedals besides my wah, any tips on what I should look for?
You can get multifx with loopers and you can get standalone loopers. If yo like to play with drums then it's important that they be synchronized with the looper. The Zoom G3 has synchronized drums.

Many standalone loopers have storage, so you can save your loops. Multifx loopers generally loose the loop when you are done looping.

There are a ton of issues related to choosing a looper. If you know you don't want a multifx then you should look at standalone loopers.
I have the twin pedal Boss RC20XL and I couldn't live without it. You can use it to practice(esp. solo and lead playing), use it as a friend to jam with that has the exact same playing skills and style you have, use it to work out song arrangements, use it as an effect, theres a lot you can do with a good looper. Having said that, I'd totally trade my $260 looper for a $199 Zoom G3. But if you're looking for a stand alone I'd suggest springing the extra $ for the twin pedal, I couldn't imagine using the single pedal live