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Everyone has their dream guitar. Everyone has a specific features that they want to have when they buy a guitar, and everyone has their finish and shape preferences. So my question for you, the UG community, is: If you could get a custom shop model from any company (even if they don't have a custom shop) what would it be, and what would its specs be?

And if you've already got the custom shop guitar of your dreams... PICS!
Probably a Les Paul body with a Diamond Plate finish. 24,75" scale, 43 mm neck width at nut and a pair of either EMG-81 and 85's or 2 Artec-LPA 310-ASV humbuckers.
Gibson Les Paul Custom
"Bloodburst" (imagine like, the silverburst LPC's, but instead of silver, dark red. That's about it) finish.
Some set of BKP's
Irideresent finish to match the paint job.

Gibson Les Paul Custom Satin Purple, Double white Binding, Black Hardware, EMGs.

Schecter C-1 Flamed Black Maple, OFR, EMGs w/ Coil Split, Black Hardware.
My custom shop guitar would be a Grosmann S: a neck-through-body Strat, made in Bubinga (the body), a laminated Mahogany/ Maple body and aWenge fingerboard, Schaller strings-through-body bridge and locking tuners, locking jack and three Fender Custom Shop 69 pickups. Anyone can have it for 1200 euros... and the patience of waiting for it for 6 months. Check at You'll be amazed by what you see there. (I'll have this guitar, one of these days.)
probably a gibson SG, worn cherry finish, single BKP nailbomb with coil cut, phase switch, kill (on a nice chrome toggle not a plastic button) volume and tone. mahogany body/neck with rosewood or ebony fingerboard, abalone and MOP bear claw inlay at the 12th fret, roller TOM bridge and bigsby. grover tuners.

univox hi flyer white with white or black pickguard. master volume and tone, pickup selector, coil cut and phase switches for each pickup. maple neck

gibson firebird, white with white pickguard, flat black on the raised neck thru part. single BKP nailbomb wired like the SG's, firebird inlay on 12th fret, roller TOM and stopbar tail.
A Jackson Rhoads, neck-thru construction, 24 frets, ebony fingerboard with no inlays, a flamed maple top with see-thru dark blue finish (much like this one, only with flamed maple instead of quilted), EMG 81 and 85 Chrome pickups, chrome knobs, a Floyd Rose Original bridge and factory tuned to drop B.
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I always have these kind of ideas, so it changes. One I've wanted for awhile though is a left handed Ibanez S. Mahogany body, with a purple flame maple top. Rosewood fretboard with abalone dots, and a reverse headstock. Edge bridge with 2 DiMarzio humbuckers. Yeah, it kind of sounds like Herman Li's Ibanez, but this one would be custom made for someone coughcough way cooler than him.
something based on the old Yamaha Pacifica Teles
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Yeah, it kind of sounds like Herman Li's Ibanez, but this one would be custom made for someone coughcough way cooler than him.

But Herman Li is way cooler than you
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Guerilla SV6 FR MASSACRE SHIV, emg 81x and 85x mahogany neck and body.
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Mine would probably be something along the lines of a Chapman ML2 with EMG's with a maple fretboard. And I would just take it to SVEE and say I want dragons, blood, and metal so get to painting... please. You gotta be nice and respectful towards him haha.
esp eclipse-II with:
EMG 81/60 set with 18v mod
2 volume controls, no tone control
mid-range boost circuit on mini-toggle
locking output jack
bell-brass frets
kahler 3300 fixed bridge
Ibanez RG1527 with an Alder body, 27" scale, Dimarzio Crunch Lab 7/Liquifire 7, Lo Pro Edge trem with big brass block, Wizard Prestige neck through body with a reversed headstock, a flame maple drop top, and an Ebony fretboard.
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Ten-string Strandberg, multi-scale with extended frets tuned high to low AEBGDAEBEB.
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H-H wine red strat with locking tuners and a floating bridge.

Similar to the ones on the John Petrucci sigs that go back and forth, but has no locks/fine tuners
Probably a real common wish, but I would love a Jimmy Page #2 or the Beano Replica Les Paul from Gibson, there really isnt that much special or unique about them but they just look so damn sexy and that cherry sunburst finish on a flamed top is the climax for guitars for myself, second finish would be a similar guitar with the transblack finish.
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A korina 22fret telecaster. With a firebird minihumbucker in the neck and s telecaster bridge pickup. Natural finish with a tortoise pickguard.
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However, currently waiting on a Siggery 8 string based of his Deimos model - 28" scale, fanned frets and dual humbuckers with a few other little modifications. Should be here in a week.
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Basically a telecaster w/ floyd rose and some neat and hot bridge pickup. For the finish I'd love a maple fretboard, XJ frets and like an amber sunburst finish.
I have a Warmoth Strat;

Swamp Ash body, w/transparent purple finish
2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers - JB (bridge) and Jazz (neck)
Hardtail bridge
Pearl white pickguard
22 fret maple neck w/rosewood fingerboard. Neck is scalloped from the 12th fret up.
6000 frertwire - the biggest there is.
Buzz Feiten tuning system
Sperzel tuning keys

One of the best playing/sounding guitars I've ever owned.
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Fender Stratocaster with flame maple neck and fingerboard, 12" radius. 2 point trem with roller nut and locking tuners. of course Lace Sensor pups.
I've already got a Les Paul Custom from the CS (part of the historic range, not just the normal Custom...) I'd probably have a Les Paul Axcess Custom with a black FR, uncovered pickups with black bobbins, black plastics and black speed knobs, black locking nut and black grovers and a black finish.
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A Suhr with a one-piece flamed maple body and a cocobolo neck

Although, since I've posted pics of that guitar way too often on this forum, I'll post a pic of my CS Jackson instead:

In related news: I'm a few days away from finishing a custom Les Paul, it's going to be awesome!
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a baritone fender jaguar with a faster neck profile. neck thru construction. a set of bare knuckle pickups. finish would be purple quilted maple for the wings and natural for the center with ebony stripes running through the neck. ebony fretboard with no inlays. and lets throw in an original floyd rose just for shits and giggles
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My custom shop model would be... i dunno actually. there are far too many choices. for versatility though, i'd definitely want mini-humbuckers i think.
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7 string tele in white with black pickguard, maple neck, no fret markers, tapped humbucker in the bridge, single up top. Yeah, one with floyd and one without.
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I honestly want too many different guitars for this to be possibly answered, but I'll do a couple

Fender Jazzmaster body shape
Ash body
Purple finish
5 way pickup selector
2 Jazzmaster pickups neck and bridge/1 Irish Tour BKP singlecoil in middle
Jazzmaster vibrato and Mastery bridge
Bolt on neck
27" scale length
Maple neck and fretboard
22 frets
No markers
Fender style unpainted headstock
Hipshot locking tuners
Delrin nut

Gibson V shape
Mahogany body/flame maple top
Gibson Honey Burst finish
No pickguard
4 way selector
Pair of BKP Piledriver Tele pickups
Callaham Tele bridge
Set neck
25.5" scale length
Maple neck/ebony fretboard
22 frets
Les Paul Custom block inlays
Gibson V black headstock
Gibson Custom headstock inlay
Hipshot locking tuners
Brass nut
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Fender jazzmaster in black with tortoise shell pickguard, gold hardware, maple neck, 24 frets, jazzmaster pickup in bridge, humbucker in neck, jazzmaster tremolo, locking tuners and lots of switches
a white telecaster with white pearloid pickguard, 22 fret maple neck, telecaster style bridge with H-H setup coil tap on bridge, black hardware and locking tuners

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar
Blackstar ht-5 head
Blackstar ht-408 cab
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Seymour Duncan Woody SC

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Firebird Style body, no pickguard
7 string w reverse headstock
Mahogany or maybe Ash or Korina body (really haven't decided)
On the Mahogany or Ash - AAAA Quilted Maple Cap - Burst finish red through yellow. Kind of a fireburst.
5 piece Maple/Walnut (or Maple/Bloodwood, again undecided) neck
Bloodwood Fingerboard w crossed Thorned Vine of Life MOP inlay (somewhat custom design, there's an inlay place making it for me).
7 String OFR bridge w locking nut
Pair of burnt chrome BKP Nailbomb 7's
Locking tuners (I don't know tuners, probably Spetzels or however you spell it...)
14" fretboard radius, 25.5" (or 26.125") scale, 24 frets

That's all I can remember of it's specs, but it should be pretty awesome when it's finally finished.
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7 string trem, mounted flush to the body (no room to pull up at all)
gold hardware
pattern reg neck
5 way blade switch
custom colour
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