I noticed on a different thread a comment that using batteries for pedals instead of an adapter, cuts down on noise. That kinda makes sense. So, if you use batteries in your pedals, is it better? Or do you change batteries so much you can't wait to get a psa for your birthday? I'm planning on trying batteries for my eq, od, and drum machine, just thought I'd ask before I went out and bought a lifetime supply of batteries
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Its hit and miss, for something like your drum machine it would be ok, but with something like your EQ or OD the RF created by the AC can cause some problems. Batteries are a better solution but you will definitely need a good supply, on average a 9V lasts about a month in my OD and Wah pedals.
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i use batteries but i don't think that the adapter would cause that much of a problem unless you have really crappy pedals and an adaptor. the one spot can cause some problems because its not isolated but not that much as far as i can tell
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Just get a regulated adapter. With batteries you have to unplug the input cable from every pedal when you are done or your batteries will die quickly.
Adapters can cause noise because the majority of them are not grounded. There are some (Like the voodoo pedal power 2 I believe) that are grounded. There are some adapters you can put on the end of the plug to ground it. The best way however is to get a power conditioner.
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I had a real problem with noise, but it was because I used more than one adapter... It was explained to me that the adapters, even though are DC output, are taking in Alternating current, and even the same type and model of adapter will process that Alternating current slightly different causing noise. One adapter that is strong enough (at least a couple hundred Milliwatts) and daisy chain them... Solved my problem (Well, except with the FuzzFace... but it's just a noisy pedal...)

I got 10 pedals on my board... and it's virtually noiseless...
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Also make sure that your instrument and patch cables are located away from the wall warts. They can inject noise into the cables even though the cables are shielded.
Sweet, thanks for the replies. Its only a couple pedals so I don't think plugging and unplugging will be that big of a deal. I guess I'm gonna rock batteries in a few things from now on
i put batteries in my pedal board when my adapter died and it actually introduced noise that wasn't there before. i have no idea why that would happen but it did lol. i used duracells
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