Okay, so I've purchased a 2006 EC-1000 VB that came through from fleabay today. I already have one of the lightweight ones with the pearl binding. However, the new guitar is very heavy (almost as heavy as an Epi Les Paul) and the neck joint/horn seems to start in a different place than my other EC1000/even other VBs I have seen in pics.
My question is: did LTD ever change the neck joint? is the VB supposed to be so heavy (weight) in comparison to the others? I didn't really do any research as it was a bargain/I have an impulse buying issue :p.
It just seems very weird to me as it was not what I was expecting.
There are a few different type of Eclipse-type available. I think you got the Full-thickness CTM model with thicker body and 22 frets. The regular EC-1000 have 24 frets and thinner body. Would be nice if you can post a picture.

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Thanks for the reply! as requested ...

.. so yeah, hello kitty, metal..
Any help would be great. I am just a bit surprised by the weight and (not so great) fret access.
It's very possible. LTD kind of went to shit after 2006.
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