I'm looking for a strat to buy at the moment. My options are

-Squier classic vibe (€322)
-Squier deluxe (€344)
-Fender MIM

The MIMs are quite cheap in the US. I found a 2002 one €197 ($274), most are about around €300. Only problem is the p&p to ireland is really dear, usually €50 - €70.

So which would be the best value for money?
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I own a MIM Strat... it's a 2010.. I Love it, but I had to play 6 or 7 to find the one that I liked the best... Not sure I'd buy one sight unseen... It's a great guitar though...

Not much help in the value department though.. sorry
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The CVs are pretty good for the price. I own a 2010 MIM and love it. For the people that say that they have to go through a few to find a good one, its just the setup. Tried 4 at a store and 1 stood out. I asked the employee why and he went and set up the rest and they sounded the same
But I havent tried many MIMs and have tried the CV once, didn't like the pickups.
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I tried a Classic Vibe and an MIM in Guitar Center and ended up liking the Classic Vibe better. There's also a difference between the 60s and 50s style (pickups, neck).