Thats right folks. Happy New 5150 Day to me. Found this used (obviously) at a local music store. Paid $400 and think I got a pretty good deal. It is missing the piece on the back to enclose the cabinet, but I am pretty sure I can make one for a couple of bucks. The tolex is in great shape and overall the amp looks great.

We all know what these are, and how they do it, but I will say this; this amp makes me want to play my guitar.

And now pix!

sweet deal man!!! wish i could get one that cheap, id have one already!
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is the puppy solid state or tube?

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solid state. when she screams it pisses me off


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Gah, dude I'd kill to find one that cheap and in good condition at a store or somewhere. There's a 5150 212 combo on Craigslist right now for $450, but I don't have cash. I haven't sold any gear recently.. Plus it's over an hour away.

I'm jealous. HNAD
Almost got a 5150 combo back when I was looking for my first tube amp. A speaker change from the stock Sheffields makes a huge difference in tone, but I will let you get used to the amp first.

Welcome to the club. HNGD!

Let's see how long it takes for you to hate it.
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Welcome to the club. HNGD!

Let's see how long it takes for you to hate it.

kinda that, i didn't like it...

and after googling a bit, all my favourite artists use one...

Just get one cuz everyone has one SUXX!! just get what you want..

but HNAD for now on..
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