I want to take RCM exams for guitar, what books should I get in order to prepare for the test? Do I have to get a teacher to guide me? and do you play your pieces or classical guitar or can you use electric?
Any info would be great.
The first thing you need to get is a copy of the syllabus. It spells out what pieces they want for what grade levels.

Generally, each grade consists of three or four lists - usually representing renaissance/baroque, classical, romantic, and modern. You'll need to play one piece from each of the lists.

The syllabus will tell you what technical requirements you will need - what scales, how many keys, how many octaves, etc.

In short, you will be playing compositions from around 1200 to 2000, probably some Bach or Sor somewhere, and some scales - all on a classical guitar.

While most of us here would be impressed at your shredding the hell out of some Dream Theatre, if you did that at a grade one exam, they would politely thank you for coming and then send you home.

It's hard to recommend books without knowing what level you're at, but here are some recommendations:

Charles Duncan - a modern approach to classical guitar (comes in three volumes, from beginner, to intermediate to semi-advanced)

Fernando Sor - 20 Studies for the Classical guitar (fingered by Andres Segovia) - a mandatory resource for any even semi-serious classical guitar student, goes from about grade 4-ish to grade 10 (the highest you can go... some of them are unbelievably hard) Most of the pieces are really wonderful, though.

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