Ok so ive been playing guitar for 3 years now and im rather stuck in a pit. It seems that you learn all the chords and a few fingerpicking songs and thats as good as your able to get. Does someone have a site or method of free online teaching that will enable me to become much better at guitar?
I think that most people will get to a certain stage, from where they can't seem to get any further with their regular playing. It's like learning to walk and run- you can get it at a decent level naturally, but if you wanna get faster.. you've gotta train for it.

Guitar isn't much different- practise makes perfect.
ultimate way to get better? Play in public.
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Learn theory if you don't know it already. Also, try learning different styles like jazz or flamenco. Even if you don't really like them that much, they will give you a new way to look at playing and songwriting.
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Well, playing in public and for others does seem to help. Try play with other musicians too.
Explore different kinds of music, genres, styles, techniques and so on. Watch some videos on youtube too.
The first step is simpler than you think.
1- what do you want to do with your instrument ?
2- with that in mind where are you lacking, in what aspects do you suck? this means to get better at your level you have to ask yourself what you dont know.

Do you know all the notes on the fretboard cold?
Do you know all the chords?
All the scales?
What about Modes ?
Can you improvise on any key?
All the Arpeggios all over the neck?
Play clean ?
How is your technique ?
Can you hear a tune in your head and instantly play it?

The list is huge and i bet you will answer no to more than one question.
Work from there.

And least but not last STICK TO A PRACTICE SCHEDULE!

or you will suck forever
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Yes man, i have a website.


You should start out with the free ebook.

Then go for th articles, i recommend that you start with the music theory ones.

Then you can go for the technique section.

The ear training section can also be good for you.

Good luck