Tried to do a lil searching without straining myself, but got sick of trying, so ill just ask. Anyone have the Kustom Doublecross, thoughts, opinions. I REALLY dont know if i need a whole stack, lol...but just curious just in case. Watched some youtube clips that i could find, seems pretty versatile. Anyhow, to be honest I am not exactly sure when these even came out as I havent shopped amps in a long time, but just curious as to any user feedback! By the way I mess around with a lot of diff genres, but metal mainly.
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The Double Cross is actually a very good high-gain amplifier. The one I tried had a good tone through a Marshall 4x12 with Vintage 30s; particularly on the heavy gain settings. The cleans were good, and the thing was very, very loud. It appears to be built like a tank, as are most of Kustom's higher-end products. The only drawback is the price. For a rather unknown amplifier, it sells for about US$1,600.00. It has a lot of well-known competition in that range.

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