There was a groupon online for music lessons, me never having taken lessons decided it was worth it as it was $29 for 4 lessons vs 17.50/hr, i went in now knowing what to expect.

The teacher says my playing is WAY up here (i think he is just trying to make me feel better, i really suck bad) but my theory and reading is WAAAAAAAAAY down here... so he handed me a book "elementary rudiments of music."

This book is making me realize exactly how retarded I am, i am barely through the first chapter and have already hit my first wall...

Anybody else use this book and can possibly help me out?
Never heard of the book, but I know a bit about theory. What exactly are you having problems with?
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you can read my music theory category articles : http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/category/music-theory/

They are explained so that anyone can learn. Plus you can ask me directly if you didn't understood something
i am stock on an exercise that's asking me to differentiate between a diatonic semitone, a chromatic or a whole tone. There are diagrams to show me what the differences might be but I am pretty much stumped on this.