okk, so im rly a noob hahah,

01 --01--01

do i hav to downstroke all of thosee?? :|

and can som1 give me tips.. i found out the part that's hurting my hand is continuous fast lifting of hand durin palm mute.. i found a really akward position where only the e is muted.. ehh, but my spid is much slower usin dat method
Yes, all downstroke. But I play it with alternate picking, it's easier for me. Play slowly until you can play it right, dude =)
how bout if i upstroke the A string?? speaking economy-wise is that going to offer more speed or not really?
it is all downstroke? hmmm i've been alternate picking it. but i've been picking up going back to the e string. try that. i always alternate picked and muted it a bit to get the stacatto feeling.
all depends on how fast you can get back to the E-String. Just try a few ways and find out what's easiest for you, even if that means using your middle finger to pluck every note on the A-string and picking the ones on the E. Doesn't matter how you do it as long as it gets done.
I downstroke it all the time. just practice it a lot and you will devellop enought hand endurance too completely do it. practice is the key.
sometimes i dont play the open note on the E just to warm up until my hand can play it all. so it would go 2 3 4
1 1 1
You could upstroke the A string, yeah. "All downstrokes" is mostly for a more aggressive tone, it's not mandatory.
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I upstroke the Open E and downstrole the fretted notes.....
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u dont HAVE to do anything. play it however is comfortable.
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Technically, no, you DONT have to play it all downstroked. But if you want to play it how metallica plays it, and have it sound basically the same, then yes. That entire song is downstroked.

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James Hetfield riff = All downstrokes

I started to try it with alt picking.. but after not going anywhere after about 8 months of alt picking, I decided to go all downstrokes. Now i can play that tune great, and its a great workout for my picking hand..

But do whatever feels comfortable. Theres no set way to pick it.. James and Kirk like downstrokes, you may like like another way of doing it.. Above peer pressure, man..
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Apparently Kirk downstrokes, but I alternate pick and I think it sounds better if you alternate pick.
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You can either alternate or down stroke, it doesn't matter.

The thing that does matter is to know how to practice it in orer to get it to full speed.

Read chapter 1 and chapter 2 in my free ebook and you will know what i mean.

Good luck

Here is the link: http://www.guitarlearningtips.org/the-guitar-blueprint-to-success/

PS: Don't worry if it will take time, mastery takes time invested there are no shortcuts in your quest to mastery