Is it even possible to get the pro tools m-audio essentials with the usb fast track to work on windows 7 64 bit sp1 or windows 32 bit sp1? i have had no luck scanned the m audio site and the web. installed the updates one at a time from 8.0.3 to .0.5 and it still won't recognize the interface. tried downloading the driver said doesn't support my OS only vista 64 bit. even went to devices to try to recognize but no luck. has anyone else figured it out? if it doesn't work does the interface work with sonar producer? any help getting to work would be greatly appreciated because since i can't get it to work a friend decided he was going to buy something else so i inherited it, and if i can't get it to work then there's no point other than resurecting an old machine that runs xp. monitor and speakers still more expensive than the essentials.
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I will report that it needs to be moved.
well in any case if anyone knows, just tried 8.0.5 update, now it says it can't locate a valid protool program. am i wasting my time?
the interface should work with any DAW.

What isnt working, pro tools or the interface?

ASFAIK both the fast track and mpowered should work with windows 7.

Check here for drivers for the interface.

If you still cant get it working you can look into partitioning your computers HDD and dual booting XP.
yeah i think that's what i'm going to tell the guy to do. i have an old tower that has xp on it now, when i need recording stuff i'm just going to buy the sound card and go that route. doing all the partitioning is beyond my skills and i don't have a legit copy of xp. it won't recognize the m audio driver and says i need vista 64 bit. i checked the drivers list and nothing works.