The switch to pickup my bridge and middle pickup seems to be qiuieter tuan it should be.. I jus had a coolrail put in the bridge and the tone knob wired to control brodge pickup as well anyone else with this problem or any suggestions as to what may be wrong
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I answered in your other thread in GG&A as well, but:

The Coolrail is out of phase. There are 4 wires and shielding on that pickups, the two wires that are soldered together are the wrong ones for this application. You will need to look at SeymourDuncans's website for which wires to solder together to be used with Fender pickups... Ie. If Red and White are soldered together, it should now be Black and White... and Red would go to the switch.

If you had someone do it for you, have them swap the wires, shouldn't take long at all.