Pressure to run
Manage to escape with cuts and bruises
Grabbed the handkerchief from the desk
To wipe my face and nose
Fluids of snot drip slowly into my lungs
Coughing like the angry troll living in a burrow

I ease myself, paste myself together
Testing my talents to grab her attention
I'm crazy to think
Something has happened
Only a few weeks at a time
Like Steve Jobs exploring the conditions of emotions
In the world of social media

Changes speak to me while the cb radio is on
Rambling like fish in the flow of traffic
Like an opportunistic leaf laying naked
In the golden forest of Milkwood forest
As the orange sun swims with the colors
Settling with red, yellow, and greenish textures
Communicating freely through the cracks
As the branches hold my creation

Just when the ashes from the fire place died
Grabbed my attention from the heat
Hesitated for her return
Fell over head over heals
Manage to peer through the development of the suburbs
It was only a social gathering how we met
Don't care because obession would set in
Avoiding it all together

Last edited by jod23 at Oct 25, 2011,
Purpose was to find an element of beauty. Relating to milkwood forest from lord of the rings. It's a dark an mysterious forest but has that feel to it. Hard tO explain hah
you mean mirkwood right? I don't know that i would change it in the piece though.

I think the second two stanzas were pretty solid. the first two felt a little all over the place.

not bad mr. jod.
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