Mostly inspired by recent binging on and Children of Technology and later Darkthrone.
Wanted to write some quick, filthy d-beat and this is what came out.

Both the guitar and bass are recorded with a Line 6 UX1 Pod, into Ableton Live. EZDrummer for the drums.
The (perhaps lack of) production is meant to be rough and fitting to the genre, but please, feel free to comment on it.
The drums might sound a bit muffled/behind in the mix with a 7.1 headset, but they're better with regular stereo or whatever.

No vocals, but I can see there being some.

Sound clips of James Doakes from Dexter because he's hilarious.

Ask if there's anything you're wondering about.
Anyways, I hope you like it. C4C.

Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land
OK, the songwriting's good, but the production really hampers the piece. My experience with electronic drums is that you have to keep the mix decently polished or they sound like absolute crap. The guitar and bass overpower the mix, but the drums don't leave much of an impression. They need pushed up in the mix to "punch off the face of the listener". Hope that helps!

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