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No, you have never seen this thread before. I just went public with these songs yesterday.
Let me KNow: yeah i gotta know lol reminds me of the nineties i like how you put reverb on your vocals

I get my eyes on you: i realy like how you add reverb on your song wish i knew how to still reminds me of the nineties

over all : 135 Songs!!! awesome from a person who cant even make 5
Let Me Know.
Great song! Very aaron aardvark.

I got my eyes on you

This one is IMO on yout best songs yet! Has a lot of hit-factor, I suppose that you intentionally went for a more conventional approach.

I wish I could say more, but you're simply delivering the good stuff as always, so that's all pretty much.

Would be nice with som crit on my new song:
It reminds me of Iggy Pops "The Idiot" for some reason, anyways like your sound, kind of trippy in a nice way Cheers
Godzilla wave surf, my personal favourite. I like the effects and the bass sound
Hi there man,

Thanks for the reply in my thread; I'm returning the favor!

Let me know (IMO) is the 'better' song out of the two. I just dont know if the word 'better' fits because the songs are absolutely different - Let me know just is more of my style of music! It starts really great - like a 70's prog rock tune and then builds up nicely. The vocals are strange but in a positive way - everything falls into place nicely. Gotta love those synth sounds!

I got my eyes on you - sounds like stuff from David Bowie but I didnt like the production; the guitars sound a bit fake.

But thats just my opinion!

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Godzilla is super trippy and spacey, you certainly know how to use effects properly. I enjoyed it alot! You should try to make a spacey prog album
Music must be honest to be timeless.
I really enjoyed "Let Me Know." The bass sounds really cool on my nice headphones. What did you use to make this? I really almost wished that intro built for even longer.
I love the atmospheric intro on Let Me Know, the whole song itself has this pretty cool atmosphere. Not my type of music, but it works. The vocals sound good for this type of music also. Production wise, it sounds amazing. Keep up the good work man, and thanks for the review!
Let Me Know was very nice, I just finished listening to it. It reminds me of a song.. If I think of the name I'll put it here(edit; It reminded me of "Aim For The Head" by Creature Feature, took me long enough to figure that out. haha). There's not really anything I can say you should do better, it sounded pretty much finished and polished, very nice songwriting. It was very nice and sort-of trancey.

I've Got My Eyes on You is sounding pretty nice. I'm diggin' the guitar solo about halfway through it. The vocals sound amazing, they've got a very nice classic sound to them. Very nice.

I really can't say that much for either of these songs, both of them are way out of my ability so I can just say that you are very talented and I hope to see more songs from you! Ya know.. once I finish listening to the other 100+ songs on that page. hahaha.
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I really liked the instrumental aspect of both songs. Between the two I liked "Let Me Know" the most. The intro was really good. The vocals didn't speak to me in either song. But that's probably because they fit in a genre that I don't care for. Sounded very professional.
I liked Let Me Know. It was very original and I liked the vocals.

I've Got My Eyes On You. was well done, but not something I could get into. To me it had too much of a B52's feel to it...I never liked them. that's just personal preference though, of course.
Absolutely loved the synth intro of Let Me Know, especially the lead sound. When the main section kicked in I was a bit caught off guard, I wasn't expecting that style after the intro. However the initial 'shock' quickly wore off and it was easy to get into. While the bass has a good riff idea, I wasn't too fond of the patch used as it seemed to make the song a 'novelty' kinda song (haha that's the best way I can put it ). I liked the vocals in this one, very new wave. Overall I really liked this one, and with that one minor tweak I think I would really like it.

I Got My Eyes on You is definitely in a style I don't know too much about, it reminded me of Devo more than anything
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Thank you very much for listening & commenting! I appreciate it! On "Let Me Know": the synths are all Arturia Analog Factory and Arturia Prophet V software. I have Line 6 PodXT on guitar. This was recorded partially in Cubase LE4 and partially on a Korg 3200 hard disc recorder (I used different delay/echo effects on each, but there are other reasons for the twin recorders). Drums are toontrack Superior Drummer 2 software. I would be happy to elaborate on further details if asked.
Listened to the 2nd one, it sounded retro, pretty cool. I would have done the solo completely different.
thanks for the crit.... i listened to half of your songs and i really like them. i really dig what you do with the effects on every instrument, including your voice. reminds me of the bee gees which i hate lol (just a lot of the effects) this would be a lot cooler in minor progressions. (remember, just giving you my crit, man).

to me it sounds like you mastered your equipment more than you mastered your way of songwriting. again, dont want to sound offensive, because its way better than the shit i do. what im saying is, lets hear it with just you and and an acoustic first, then do what you do to these songs... it would be awesome! i think this all sounds great man.
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Hey man, thanks for the crit! Will take your advice into consideration when I next do a crossover track again .

Anyways, 'Let Me Know':

Beginning is very atmospheric - cool sounding synths, sound like something Jordan Rudess would use . I like the change in style to the NIN meets Dream Theater part that follows, although I feel that an electronic/programmed kit would sound better given the heavy use of synths.
I'm not gonna' lie, I'm not totally digging the vocals in this song. It really sounds like you're straining at some parts and the vocal harmony really throws me off. If you didn't have the harmony it would probably work at lot better - just a thought.
The cowboy-esque tone you have on the guitar is pretty cool and the melody works well as an interlude.

Overall an interesting song, but I'd have to say it was let down by the vocals. You probably could pull off the vocals but overall I'd see it better as an instrumental.
Let me know - really great how it starts then slips into that different section. Really nice sounds. Really like the unique style you've got. My favourite of the two.

I got eyes on you - Very retro/punky maybe a bit ramonesy sounding vocals.

Thanks for the crit. I'm working hard to finish that song, I've got four songs I'm currently working on and making great advancements with my new equipment.
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good stuffs. sweet vocals, very melodic, meshes together pretty well. keep up the good work.
I just finished listening to Let Me Know.
I liked the ambience of it, it's a real mood setter. Nicely composed, perfect mix and great playing.
I liked the intro for "Let me know" a lot. Sounds like you put a lot of work into it! Synths go really well with the guitars. Then the song jumps into a creepy section which, I have to admit, sounds great as a whole but I'm just not a big fan of such music. If I had to crit anything, it would be the vocals kicking in too late for my tastes, but you're obviously not going for a mainstream feel so you shouldn't care about that The mix sounds, as stated above, very professional.

"I got my eyes on you" is definitely my favorite of the two. The intro was really cool and the song itself is great. I wish it was less electronic though (more prominent guitars and "realer" sounding drums), but it's your style I liked the solo a lot up until 1:37, I didn't like the second part quite as much. I also felt like you hit the crash cymbal too often during the solo. Overall, I really liked this song. Reminds me of Dead Kennedys. Sounds like something you'd get raped to. Really solid composing on your part.

I added a second song to my thread today. Will you check it out please?
I listened to both of the first two tracks on your page. It's not really my style, but both tracks had depth to them, so kudos on that. On the second track, the distortion on the guitars doesn't sound too great, but that might just be part of the style of music you were going for.
I just checked out some of your stuff and I have to say its quite interesting, yet very well executed. From the songs I heard they have very nice synth. Its almost like modern age 80's which I know makes no sense. I like it though, I'll definitely listen to these more.

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Let Me Know: The synths are insane! Very atmospheric at times. The bass tone is really fat. I also like the surfy guitars too. Vocals are also impressive, you're a pretty good singer.

I Got My Eyes On You: Very New Wave-y. The fuzzy tone is spot on. Not a giant fan of the plastic-y reverbed drums but they fit in context I suppose. Very nice.
some of them aint loading correct but the vibe i'm getting is very 60 trippy retro acidy but that could be just the ones I saw. I suck at merging effects so well done.
I just listened to "i got my eyes on you". Pretty cool song. Like a previous comment I would have done the guitar solo differently. The vocals need to be louder, more up front. Loved the bass tone and guitar tone, also mixed very nicely. Could you check out one of my tunes when you get a chance? thanks.
Let Me Know is really trippy and spacey, there's a really nice melody. The beat is really cool too.
you're a stone fox
let me know: AWESOME synth intro reminded me of the 20+minute Dream Theater epic. just curious to know, what programs do you use to record? anyways, the vocals that came in were cool haha, awesome trippy psychadelic feeling. felt like i was back in the 70s. the slow, surf guitar riff was just perfect for the song aswell. the obvious highlight of this song was the groovy keyboard riff though. no criticism on the overall composition and recording of this song- it was very well done.

i got my eyes on you: nice tone and cool 60s/70s punk feel to it, but not as awesome as let me know. to tell you the truth, ive reviewed some of your music before and you punk/rock stuff isn't nearly as original or awesome as your experimental and psychadelic stuff, so i reckon instead of releasing about 2 songs every couple of weeks, you should actually concentrate and develop your original sounding ideas to make proper songs rather than simple, 2 minute riff ideas, as your recording qualities, amazing riffs and trippy vocals have ALOT of potential.
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Thanks for the reviews! I appreciate it!

On "Let Me Know": the synths are all Arturia Analog Factory and Arturia Prophet V software. This was recorded partially in Cubase LE4 and partially on a Korg 3200 hard disc recorder (I used different delay/echo effects on each, but there are other reasons for the twin recorders). Drums are toontrack Superior Drummer 2 software. I actually only start one thread a month (sometimes less often) on this forum, each thread has 2 songs.
"I've Got My Eyes On You" is a pretty creative song. This is pretty different from the stuff I usually listen to, but this is definitely creative and enjoyable. Great music.
Dude, gotta say I love Godzilla. Its gotta real spacey feel to it wich i love. Very cool that you have 135 songs on there! Keep it up man! Thanks for the Crit by the way.
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Hey Aaron,

Thanks for the review.. And as I have said, it is C4C..
So I started out with Let me now..

Its starts of mysterious and lets itself build up, tension is building up and the beat slowly kicks in. It sounds pretty good !

Second one, I got my eyes on you, this one is already a bit more towards my genre so I can be a bit more objective towards this song.. It sounds like one of those old punk songs which I grew to love.

Keep up the good work !

Cheers, Thomas V.
returning crit

Let me know: The 80's synth pop sound is really amusing. Reminds me of a video game/tv show from that time period. The surf guitar bit was kinda arbitrary and didn't have much of an impact on me.

Your vocals have improved quite a bit since I first started listening to your material a couple months ago, but there is still a lot of room to grow. Your use of vocal effects is becoming a signature part of your sound, and I like how it's becoming more of a way to enhance your singing rather than to cover up flaws in your technique.

I got my eyes on you: Like I said, your vocals are improving. Superb guitar technique as usual. The mixing is also spot on. I know 80's rock/surf rock is a huge part of your sound, but I really would like for you to challenge yourself and start expanding your musical horizons.

Hope this helps
Let me know: sets the mood nicely with very cool ambient sounds. May I ask how you made them? Although its not really my kind of music I can appreciate well made tunes, this is one.

I got my eyes on you: I don't like this as much as Let me know, but it's still well made. There are some really sweet guitar parts that adds a lot to the song. I'm not too fond of the vocals, but maybe that's just a matter of taste.

Even though I'm returning your crit, would you mind listening to my latest instrumental?

Good job!
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Thank you for listening & commenting! I appreciate it! On the intro ambient sounds of "Let Me Know", I used Arturia Analog Factory and Arturia Prophet V synth plug-ins. There is also some synth-like guitar on the intro with Line 6 PodXT amp model and effects.
Let Me Know - Wow! This blew me away.. You have a very unique style and I've really never heard anything like this before. The synth intro really captured me and brought me in, so well done there. Interesting vocals, but they fit the song just right. Great production too! I'm thoroughly impressed.

I Got My Eyes On You - Didn't enjoy as much as the first, but that's honestly just genre preference. This is still a strong song, I'm just not a punk fan. I like the mixture of synths in with it. As someone has said before, the guitars sound a little fake, but for all I know that's what you were going for as the rest of the production is fantastic.

Great stuff man, I like it! Thanks for the feedback on my song.
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