I am thinking of getting the Schecter Guitar Research Blackjack ATX C-8 8-string Electric Guitar for christmas.... any one have any recommendations that they think would change my mind from this guitar which seems to be one of the best on the market?
If you don't already have a 7, you should probably start with that.
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first question, why do you want an 8 string? what are you looking to do that cant be done with a or 6 barritone.

FYI- for the love of god at least play a seven string at a shop and see how you like that. i bought one blindly as my third guitar 8 years ago, played it for a few days, sat unused in the closet until i sold it six months ago, still had the original strings. not everybody likes the feel of that wider neck and extra string.


just a qustion, what is the most common tuning for an 8 sting anyways?
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^ I don't think you really need to. EDIT: @needing to play a 7 string first

If you want an 8, might as well go for it. But definitely try and play one first - they are interesting to try and get your head around as you can't really treat the 8th string in the same way as you might on a 6 stringer. I think you need to try and be a bit more creative with it, or adapt it into some more interesting tuning to make it easier to play? Some people even tune it up so it's like having a 7 string guitar with a higher string (above the high e).

Basically, go play one and see if you like it.
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I am thinking of getting the Schecter Guitar Research Blackjack ATX C-8 8-string Electric Guitar for christmas.... any one have any recommendations that they think would change my mind from this guitar which seems to be one of the best on the market?

Good choice, I say stay with Schecter for getting an 8-string. I highly recommend the Schecter C-8 Hellraiser w/ EMG 808 pickups... Plays like butter and sounds like heaven. It's got a nice rich tone to it
Your choice still kicks ass though, i played it in the store but do not own it. lol. Have fun with it.

Planning on playing some Loomis? haha.
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Don't listen to people telling you to get a seven-string. Did you start playing a one-string guitar? No. If you want it, get it.

I'm a bit biased, so I would suggest an RG2228 if you had the money to blow. You could get it used. It's pretty much the best quality production eight-string on the market. Nearly two years later I replaced the 808s with 808Xs and it sounds even more phenomenal.

If you're in the US, you could perhaps check out Agile guitars. A bit hit-and-miss, but you can return it in the US. They have a good, cheap range. A very good range.
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8's are typically tuned F# B E A D G B E.

Op, I'd also look into Agiles and the Ibanez RGA8. The RGA8 will definitely need a pickup change though. It'l sound great after getting one though.

Don't worry about getting a 7 first. If you want an 8 then go for it!
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ya i originally played a 7 and loved it and thought well if i hav the money ill be able to do what a seven can do plus have the versatility of another string. im happy in my choice of 8 strings but yes i will begin looking into the rg8 series though the one that i saw, the galaxy i believe, was both out of my price range and did not have the same stylistic look i would want for paying over a grand. Also ive looked into agiles but as you said they are hit and miss... Anyone know what type of hardshell case would fit one of these bad boys?
also i can barely keep my edge 3 trem on my xiphos tuned i dont know that i realy want an 8 string with that type of bridge
its fixed on the ibby 8s and works perfectly.

look into the ibby rga8 if you want a cheaper one.

agile are great if its a good one, they supply their own cases if your willing to pay.

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Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8.

Hands down, best 8 string for the price.
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Check this guys page for some sound insight on that Schecter.

that sounded pretty epic...

& oh yes I read that the edge 3s were fixed... didnt realize what a FX Edge III-8 bridge was... guess i still dont! whats the point of a floating bridge if theres no whammy? doesnt it just take away sustain?