dudes,, i would like to jam over some backing tracks. the thing is, i don't know what is the website to download backing tracks. have suggestions ?
If you Google the band/song name of the piece you want to perform over, usually you'll get a list of backing tracks of that band, or even multiple versions of that song.

Not to use Google as a generic answer, but it genuinely works.
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You can collect quite a bit of decent backing tracks by simply googling with phrases like "free backing tracks". You should find at least a dozen websites that contains general jam tracks and custom backing tracks for the song of various artists - sometimes even the original track with the vocals taken out.
yea... the two things that keep me from dumping my line6 amp for a cup of coffee or a fart in the wind is it takes headphones and has a jack for my PC or smartphone. I dont jam to a ton of backtracks but its nice to practice scales over. Youtube has tons
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