Just got the tape pulled off, using regular krylon black and white gloss.
The tape i used got saturated during though causing all the rough edges =/.
however it makes all the leaves look more "realistic" if you will, with the tattered edges on them. My opinion only ofcourse but its my guitar .
Just thought id share my first paint job on here probs gonna practice clearcoating tomorrow...


sorry about multiple links i think my pictures are all to large to just use as attachments and cbf to resize them, enjoy!
I hate sanding
thats really nice, its only that i rather have 'raw' unpainted necks :P, but good job anyways
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After some clear coat and buffing that thing will look great!! I like the design. It'll look cool if you play the hell out of it and buff it off (with wear and tear).

Ya hoping to get some clearcoat on it in a few hours but rangers game on tonight so dont know how much ill get done :s.

Im currently working on the body to match it so if you hang around might get to see that as well! Got a mad rough sketch of the body in ms paint if anyone cares to look.


pickguard not supposed to be yellow, going to get a gold one for this i think.

also i just sanded down the original neck, primer'd it sanded it with some 400 or something i think, painted it with black wetsanded to about 600 then put another coat of black. Used some pinstriping tape from autozone 1/8" thick i believe for the vines. Then scissors and 3M painters tape to cut out each leaf on there. Hit it with the white. and there you have it

sry for long post
I hate sanding