Maybe I just didn't search well enough, or maybe nobody here plays 12 strings... But I'm looking to get a (cheap) 12 string guitar. Can anyone give me recommendations for places to get good ones that aren't ridiculous on pricing as of yet? By Cheap I mean anywhere from 100$ - 500$.

Cheaper the better though, I'm still more of a bass player (Though even my Bass Guitar is cheap. Though it's the best I'd ever played, which is both weird and irrelevant to this topic)
Fair enough.
The budget brands tend not to make 12 strings, as it's usually only people who have progressed beyond their clientele that want them so you're likely to need to spend closer to the top end of your budget to get something.

I'd recommend Takamine - I used to have one of their 12 strings and it's one of the few gutiars I regret selling. They should be within your budget, but can't be 100% sure because of the different currency.
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Have a look Takamine or maybe even Washburn. Cort also has some nice 12 strings (solid wood sides if I am correct)
If I were you I wouldn't buy a "cheap" 12 string guitar. The better the guitar the longer it will last (usually). 12 string guitar necks are put under alot of pressure, so they tend to bend and warp after some time ( the cheap models) and the bridge begins to lift of the guitar body. If you're looking at purchasing a second-hand 12 string, just check that the neck is straight and also take a business card or something similar and try to slide it under the bridge, if it goes under don't buy the guitar.
Check your local CL for used Ovation 12s. Great sounding and easier to play than most. Look for standard or deep bowled versions.

Also, don't go too cheap on a new one. The action can get pretty high and stiff on cheaper models.
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A lot of really great suggestions. Unfortunately I'm going to have to go with my gut* and stick to cheaper ones. Actually the guy who gave me the youtube links gave me the idea to check ebay, and a found a few nice ones. Definitely not going to be top quality but I'll be getting what I pay for I suppose.

I'm looking at this one in particular. You can go ahead and laugh at how much of a noob I am now :'(


Maybe this one since I don't have a black acoustic haha


*Note: I mean that in the sense that my gut would like food to be in it as well this month lol*
Fair enough.
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theres an ovation doubleneck with bridge pull going for next to nothing on ebay. its a cheap fix and you get a twofer!!!! it'd even play the way it is if your careful. i had one that got a raised bridge after my dog peed on it(we had chinese for 3 days). played it for years without fixing it. action was just a little higher... kinda like a regular acoustic.
i bought one new off ebay for 150 bucks,dont know about overseas stuff but in australia thats a great deal,plays pretty sweet too,u should be able to get a good 12string for under 500 no problem.