Im a guitarist and im getting nowhere writing songs by myself, have some old poorly recorded tracks if anyone's interested.
influences are: carnifex, red shore, faceless, thy art is murder, black dahlia murder. Along them lines.

Hit us up and ill send you out some shit or send us something, looking to expand musically
I'm interested in that, I'm a guitarist and I can program pretty high quality drums too (listen to the track on my profile), and I would like to listen to your poorly recorded thingy yes. lol
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I can get some real drums on there if you guys get a cool song together. I always like doing stuff like this.

Have everything needed to record pretty decent drums. Normally I can play the drums fairly decent for metal. Especially if its super heavy. The only thing I can not physically do is blast at 220bpm for more than 10 seconds lol...BUT this is online and I can easily do it, maybe even faster with tracking.

So anyway if interested let me know what style of drums you want and we can see?
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Hey man, if you need vocals for it gimme a shout! I can do Black Dahlia style lows/highs, Trivium style mids and do clean vocals as well, depending on what's needed.
sup dude? Been playing guitar for a bit over 10 years, playing on a 7 strings now. my main influences are the black dahlia, as blood runs black and some metalcore such as as I lay dying and parkway drive. I got some pretty decent recording stuff, hit me up if you're interested.
hey dudes, i changed my profile, i got one song i managed to find on my page.

its a very ROUGH recording but should do lol