What does a loadbox do? A loadbox is a piece of equipment that replaces a guitar cabinet or whatever you have your amp running into and effectively takes in the signal without damaging your amp. It's also a type of attenuator per-say.

The loadbox i made is passive. There's an 100w resistor that takes the beating from the speaker out of the Baron. As long as it's not cranked and dimed to full it should work fine.

This test is with KT88s but next week I'm going to do the same clips with EL34s. I always loved EL34s in this amp for some reason as KT88s are a bit too stiff but I don't have my Bias Probe so going to work with what I have right now!

Clips: (This is not my song in anyway. All right belong to the band Feared)


These are my results. To my surprise...they are so similar it's ridiculous.

Lexicon Lambda -> (magomi cable) -> ProRMP -> (lava cable) -> TS9 -> ISP -> (lava cable) -> Baron Custom Amps K88 -> (lava cable) -> Loadbox -> (lava cable) -> back to interface

Lexicon Lambda -> (magomi cable) -> ProRMP -> (lava cable) -> TS9 -> ISP -> (lava cable) -> Baron Custom Amps K88 -> (speaker cable to loadbox) and (lava cable from send) -> back to interface

Cords were all decent lengths and very high quality.

There are advantages to using the Loadbox with line out over send though.

-You can use any knobs or switches that are made for the poweramp such as presence and density/thrust or any kind of switches that alter the tone of the power amp.

-You can alter the tone slightly with different kinds of poweramp tubes if your amp can handle different tube types.

-Easy to setup.

-You gotta buy/make one.

Also if anyone were interested in a loadbox with line out. I could make one for you. Made this a few weeks ago because I moved to my appartment. It's killer not having to make crank cabs or make excessive noise when recording/reamping.


Loadbox with a line out is a good idea for someone who has just moved to an apartment and wants to get all the functions of their amp.
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When you say a con is having to buy it, how much would one run?

Absolutely killer tone by the way. I don't think I noticed a difference.
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A very inexpensive one would be something like the Weber load dump, $75 for a 50 watter. The 200 watt load dump is 175. More sophisticated versions have much higher power handling and very good speaker cab simulation. The Palmer PGA-04 retails for almost $700 but it sounds a lot better than the Weber unit.
Totally forgot about the Weber load dump. Anyway this is more about the practicality of one with line out vs using the lineout/send on your amp as that only uses your preamp. With a loadbox with line out you can get much more tone shaping options if your amp has them.
You can also get a $35 Behringer Ultra-G and throw a 100W resistor on it. The Ultra-G will give you a line out with speaker emulation.

Did you apply any cabinet modeling in software after capturing the audio?
The cabinet sim i used was lolzgreg recto impulse into keFIR. Also you're still limited with the behringer as you can't choose any different speaker emulations.

Also who wants shitty plastic.
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I made mine out of some drill bit container but it's nice because you can open the top.

If anyone is interested I can make a legit one with a proper enclosure and even labeling.

Calm your tits. I was just messing with you.
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I just did the math and I can make one for someone at $65 shipped CONUS or a little more for someone outside the US. I've already gotten a few offers and once I finish the exterior design of it I'll post more pictures.
schematics and gutshots please and isnt it called a dummyload
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I might be interested once some things clear up for me, and I'll definitely keep it in mind.

Sounds like a lovely device, cause although I can get pretty loud in my apartment, I can't exactly go the distance with it when I want to.
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Sick man. I remember Cathbard mentioning something like this in the WTLT thread. Just take a resistor of whatever the speaker/cab is rated for (ohm wise) with the proper wattage, and you've got a loadbox, amirite?

So you could technically make it switchable between 4/8/16 ohms if you use 3 resistors between switching, no?

So like one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Ohm-8R-100W-Watt-Power-Metal-Shell-Case-Wirewound-Resistor-/390356577690?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5ae310ad9a#ht_799wt_952 ?
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Yeah, very easy to do. The tap for the DI is a few more parts but the whole thing is pretty straightforward. You can emulate a speaker cab on the DI, though a lot of the emulator circuits sound quite bad. The most important part of the whole process is getting good power resistors and mounting them so they dissipate heat properly. A power resistor de-soldering itself would blow up an amp in a hurry.

As for the terminology, a dummy load is any resistive load used to give a head a proper impedance without hooking up a speaker cab. A load box is a dummy load, but also usually has a DI involved. Load box seems like the proper term in this case.
I don't want to show gut shots or anything because I have been told not to by the person who made the schematic for me.

If anyone is interested shoot me an email at kylendm@comcast.net and we can get talking.

Also yes you could laidback but honestly most amps will run 8 ohms so just having one set to 8 ohms would be fine.
I figured, just brainstorming
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awesome dude. you have to make one should be under pros lol. schem?
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Can't provide a schem because I was told not to by the person who made it.

Just for more enjoyment and not so much business matters. Here's more clips of just guitars of Lineout vs Send.

Loadbox with TS9
Send with TS9
No problem. It's so simple even a caveman can do it. The resistor values aren't critical. I used a 1K in series with a 100 ohm pot for a 10:1 reduction at max output. A 1K source impedance is typical for line out. But you can use different values.

I just drew this up...

Yeah the one I have you can use a potentiometer to turn the level up or down to get more or less signal but yours is kind of similar to mine.
^That's the 100 ohm pot he has shown on there. It's just an L-pad with an output pot, not much to it.
where did you find a 100w resistor
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Awesome man. I might think about making one of these soon.. Also what song by Feared is that?
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