Are all Guitar amp simulators compatible with cubase?

Im new to the whole thing, i want to start recording from home. I have Cubase and would like to know how i can record my guitar using an input device such as line 6 for example. I just dont know where to start
cubase should pick up the interface and be able to use it. what type of interface ux1 or guitar port? just check to see if it did after you install the drivers it should come up under the Devices tab. also download ASIO4ALL it will reduce your latency issues. do you plan on using VSTs?
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Depending on your OS you should be able to select the Line 6 as the recording device. On XP you can go to the control panel/sounds and make the Line 6 the default recording device. Most DAW software also has a location to select the recording device. As long as you have installed the drivers, you should basically have the Line 6 come up as another sound card.
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