Hey there! I need an good Passive F-Spaced Humbucker pickup in the bridge position for my yamaha pacifica. Ill be playing rock and metal. I like the Seymour Duncan SH-6/TB-6. Any feedback? I have an agathis body guitar with a rosewood fretboard and a vintage tremolo. Leaning towards Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio. And I prefer a pickup that is 7 cm or smaller in length and 3.7cm or smaller in breadth as that is the measure of the bridge humbucker slot in my pickguard. Stock pickups suck and i need more quality. And no actives, please! Thanks! Reply soon!
Yamaha Pacifica 012
Peavey Vypyr 15

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Pro Tip - Neck pickup, tone dial rolled all the way off, makes tuners respond WAY more accurately. I only learned this trick fairly recently, and it actually works.
sh-6 is a good shout - my mate has it in an epi g-400 and it matches nicely - it is very bright tho so watch out! I've had experience with the sh-10, sh-4 and sh-15, the sh-15 has great midrange and chunky bass - choose it if the sh-6 is too trebly/lacking in bass for ur needs. The sh-10 is very clear and can take death metal levels of distortion and remains clear. The sh-4 is great for rock and older 80s metal, not so much for modern metal tho.
The d-activator and crunchlab or d-sonic are all solid choices from dimarzio.
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