Anybody with experience with Godin Electrics?

Especially the Performance Series (Session, Exit 22, SB22)?

Search didn't turn up much.

Seem like a lot of guitar for the $.

Much obliged.
I liked the freeway i tried (good value was the impression i got too), but I haven't tried those ones
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don't remember which ones i've tried but so far none of them were bad and actually they were all pretty good. quality guitar maker that doesn't get much hype.
godin is pretty underated. i have played one redline and another one that i dont remember what model. i was pleasently suprised with both.

i want one of those fifth ave kingpin archtops
Godin's are pretty nice. The only problem ive ever had with a godin is the necks being just a little too thick. But I got to play a Godin Redline a few months back and if it wasnt for the price tag I probably would have tried to get it.
I have two of them and they're great!

As for the Performance series; a friend of mine has had a Radiator for years and he's still very happy with it.
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I've been shopping for a good acoustic for the past several months and tried out the few that the local GC had. All 3 were Seagulls. All had a real nice sound to them, and good pricing. The only guitars in stock at the time that outperformed them were a few Martins and a Gretsch. But those also outpriced them by quite a bit. For the price, I couldn't find an acoustic that outdid them. I was trying to keep it under $1,000.00 USD. I think in the next few months I will end up getting one. The only thing I didn't like about them, as mentioned earlier, was the neck thickness especially past the 12th fret.

Edit to add, all three were electric/acoustics.
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i have owned 4 godins (and 2 seagull acoustics, a subsidiary) over the years and they have all been excellent (3 got traded for a G&L bass).

i used to own a session and it was a great guitar. it was pretty versitile and it played quite well.

if you have it within your budget, check out their richmond brand. they are absolutely amazing instruments and reasonably cheap, considering the quality
I have played a bunch of Godin Performance series. I own an Exit 22, which is a bolt on rock maple neck on a solid mahogany body (no routing, no maple cap). HSS. The guitar is very nice playing in an LP scale. I personally am not a fan of string T's, so that always bugs me, but when properly lubed, that's not an issue with tuning stability.

I've played a bunch of other models and the neck material (some are mahogany), thickness (mahogs are way thicker) and overall feel are quite different from one model to the next.

I've recommended (and gone with friends) Godins, especially when they're considering a Squier. If you can find a Detour, it's painted, maple center body section with poplar wings and a maple neck and couple of humbuckers. We found one for $225 brand new! Very light and super strat shape.

My exit 22 is on craigslist at the moment.
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I picked up used Godin Freeway Classic and I absolutely love it. Highly recommended.
Thanks, y'all, for your replies.

I've been very happy with the many Godin acoustics (Seagulls, Normans, Art&Lutheries) I've had over the years.

I think I will try a Godin electric.