Hi guys,

I got some spare time right now so I decided to start a black metal project in the style of bands like Krallice, Wolves in the throne room, Lantlos etc. It's something I always wanted but never had time and/or musical space to do it. Anyway here is the link to my soundcloud:


The project does not have a name yet. The song is freshly mixed with no vocals; I'm searching for a decent vocalist to record the screams for me.

Thanks in advance.

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Super repetitive for the first third, not incredibly annoying but it does tire on you. Needs some vocals to fix that so not a huge issue. Once the second half hits it gets pretty epic though, good job on that part! Overall my two complaints would be a need for vocals and a need for higher quality drums, but as someone with extremely basic recording equipment, I completely understand haha. On a positive note though, you've got some great ideas in this; im not a huge follower of black metal but this sounds pretty awesome!

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Music must be honest to be timeless.
Kinda psychedelic to my ears, but that's always a + in my book.
Slap in some vocals will ya? I can seriously hear a good fit in it.
As for the drums, I know this is black metal but I am not really feeling them. They seem a little bland and rather mono. Mess around with some of the panning and give the drums some punchy dynamics. Overall, I like this man and it has some potential.
or in our case, Black Metal for Black Metal?
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