I'm looking for easy songs to start with, I'm going to try to learn to sing, and I could use some advice on some good rock/metal songs to start with.
I'm into Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and that sort of music if that helps.

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Metallica songs can be pretty simple to sing... but they're also pretty dangerous for your voice. "Enter Sandman" is a pretty decent intro to to those kind of vocals, but before you try, seek a bit of help in the "Screaming/growling" sticky we have up on this board.

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I'd suggest learning how to rasp your voice properly before you try to sing these types of songs. Like my fellow cow bretheren said, head over to the screaming/growling thread for some help.

Also, anything metallica, trivium (The crusade and shogun albums, repectivly) can easily get you started with these vocals.

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