I need a new nut on my epi dot. I've had tuning problems with the guitar and i was going to change the tuners but every review i read seems to state that the tuners are fine on that guitar and they are someone correct. I know its the nut that is causing the problems because when i tune up sometimes the change does not happen immediately, all of a sudden it jumps up and i can hear a very slight popping noise from the nut when it does happen. Is this something i can try replacing on my own or definitely leave for a guitar tech?

the other upgrade i want to do is the switch, how much would it be to change it out and how do i change it seeing as this is a hollow body guitar. again something i can do or not?

I want to change the bridge as well but it is the last of my worries, and this seems like something i can do as it looks like just a drop in replacement.

I am happy with the pickups and the tone pots but its just these 3 things that grind my gears.
No set of tuners is alike, botched sets always pop up. Just because someone has no trouble, doesn't mean you won't.
Sounds like the nut slots were not cut properly. You're hearing pinging because the stings are binding in the nut. Try widening the nut slots. Lubricating the slots also helps.
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Quote by Axelfox
There's a danger in attempting to widen nut slots on your own; you could end up filing the slot deeper, which would make your string closer to the fretboard. I'm sure you can see why that would be a problem.

A little bit of nut lube could solve the binding problem. And, if that's all you need, it'll be a cheap fix.

If you're alright with paying for a professional to change the nut, but still think that you'd like to chance it with a file just for shits, by all means, give 'er hell.
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Lube the nut and if you already have the switch that's maybe a $25 job to change it out. What's wrong with the bridge?
oh i should of mentioned i already lube the nut with graphite powder, helps on most of the strings but not the d string. It does infact bind in there, is there a way to widen the slots without getting saws? can i simply take a set of used strings and just drag them back and forth through the slots a few times? I don't want to get a new set of tuners if the nut is not fixed, i want to do that more for an aesthetic reason as well.

I am starting to realize how good of a guitar it is, but it just has a few minor quirks that would make it a great guitar if fixed.
You can try rubbing the string through the nut slot to widen it. But obviously the proper way is with a little needle file the appropriate thickness. You want the nut slot to be a thousanth's of an inch wider than the string itself
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Quote by Axelfox
Try rubbing the string through the nut slots first. Then also double check that you are actually restringing the guitar correctly.

If you do still want to change the nut then buy a compensated nut. Better intonation and they're made in sizes to fit most types of guitars without modification, you can buy ones made for Epiphones.

Don't bother changing the tuners until you try the nut first. Your problem is almost certainly either the nut or the way you're restringing the guitar. Tuners that are actually better than the Epiphone ones can cost a lot and it can be a pain to get them to fit since all good tuners are made to inch measurement and Epiphones tend to be drilled for metric. I've got a few Epiphones from 2001 which have worse tuners than the ones on current Epiphones and my guitars never have tuning problems, mostly because I'm careful when restringing and because I had compensated graphite nuts fitted with properly cut slots.

You're right that you can buy bridges that will just drop right on to your Epi. They're not much of an upgrade though, the bridge Epis has is already pretty good. It's not like there is much that can go wrong on hardtails, it's the cheap tremolos that need replacing more. Changing your bridge is more likely to give you a different tone than to actually feel or work any better.

Changing the switch could be hard. Is your Dot one of the ones with a rear access panel? If so, that makes things a bit easier. If not, like most Dots, you're in trouble. Replacing the electronics involves doing everything through the f-holes on the top of the guitar if you don't have rear access. It's a huge pain in the ass and not something a beginner should try.
I had a similar issue with my Dot and put in a Graph Tech nut ($10 @ Amazon). It was all of a 15 minute job. Most of the time was using sand paper to get it just right.
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I had a similar issue with my Dot and put in a Graph Tech nut ($10 @ Amazon). It was all of a 15 minute job. Most of the time was using sand paper to get it just right.

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