hi guys,need some help deciding! im new to monitors and have the options of these 2 from 1 of my friends for £200 for either,i will be recording metal/rock/ hip hop through a fast track2 with midi keyboard and guitars with some vocals, need some advice pls..
KRK. Had the chance to A/B the KRKs, the Mackies & the M-Audios. The KRKs were the best of the 3, the Mackies were the worst. The KRKs were a lot flatter and clearer. The Mackies were very bass heavy which make it hard to mix
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well its a split opinion it seems.ive heard the krk's lack bass where as the mackies seem to have a better bass response,i dnt really have the money at the moment to get a sub for the krks,any body else care to chime in?
Well I assume the 8 is an 8" speaker then of course it is going to have more bass response than a 6" speaker, especially in this price range since they aren't going to be perfect flat.

If you have an untreated room then I believe the size of the speaker matters a lot because of bass response. If you are in an pretty open area you aren't going to want the 6" speakers. I am in a pretty closed area and my 5" are perfect. Put me in a huge room and the bass is gone and I am wishing I had an 8". If I had 8" where I normally mix and stuff I would have to turn the bass down a ton on the speakers.

I think rooms are something that don't get mentioned here as often as they should for mixing (especially when untreated).
thanks firehawk,i guess ill go with the mackies then cos im in an untreated room and its 5x5 meters,i will be getting some traps and treatment when funds allow but at the moment i just gettin my equipment together