I've been playing for a bit more than 2 years now. In the last few months I've been adament about trying to use what I know to make original music.

I noticed the following problems and it's messing with my confidence & creativity

I get stuck in the pentatonics, and stumble my way out of them but only by chance everytime.
My improvising sounds boring to me. Partly due to the pentatonic ruts.
I can find nice fluid , in time melodies with the modes used properly. Though I can't seem to expand them or add flare. I sound boring to me

I can tap , play nice arpeggios , do alot of interesting stuff essentially.. but I never seem to connect the dots on incorporating it into improv. It becomes too mechanical and I lose my flow trying to plot my course to that tap sequence or that arpeggio.

I'd imagine this is the result of practicing entirely too much technique emphasis and not ensuring I can apply these things. At this point it's discouraging , I just need to find the next wall to bang my head against it seems.

Lastly but not least.. if it came to learning another song by some one else. I'd have it down in a few days, solo and all pending on if theres any ludicrous speed sections. Those just take some focus and slow slow practice.

I've got alot of good , but alot of bad. Any advice ?
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Listen to bands you admire, or bands that have influenced you, and listen to what they do. Break down their solos and note how the guitar solos flow through progressions. There's no set formula to it, but there's usually similar things happening.

Something I like to do is record myself soloing over the band for a take. Then do another take, then maybe listen and combine the best elements of the two. Sometimes you can 1-take it and just clean it up on your second.
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Develop your ear.

Go buy Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician by Keith Wyatt and a few co-authors.

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Lol thank you, working on both suggestions as of NOW! I'm a freak like that. Thank you thank you thank you
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... time melodies with the modes used properly. Though I can't seem to expand them or add flare. ...

No. Do not concern yourself with modes yet.

Learn some theory, play with it, feel the music, and it will come.

www.musictheory.net is a great place to start, from what ive heard.

There are also some great articles on here.

Ive also heard some people give the advice to hum what you want a song to sound like, then play it. Ear training might help you with this.

Learn chord progressions, and how to construct them, that might help your improv a bit. umm.... yeah, stuff.
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You've fallen victim to the trap of thinking that techniques and interesting widdly bits will somehow equate to the ability to create good music. You've stagnated and not progressed much at all, and you really don't know what you are doing, but you are reassuring yourself that the things that you've done somehow mean something, when in fact, they don't.

You haven't progressed much at all into learning how to make good music. The sooner you are able to swallow that fact the faster you're going to be able to get out of this rut you're in. Or you can ignore this and find someones touchy feely advice and get no where, and put a happy face on your situation to make you feel better about yourself.

By the way, if you are playing slower and cleaner you aren't losing your speed at all. You never had it to start with. Chances are, before it was uncontrolled, and sloppy. You are at your best chance to progress technique wise, when you go slow and clean and consistently, to develop muscle memory.

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