Can anyone recommend me some good pub songs and well known songs that are usually well recieved at parties or functions.

Our covers band that started this year are only up about 25 songs and struggling to find really good songs that are interesting and popular.

Level of difficulity isn't a problem.

Maybe let me know your favourite (or 2-3) pub songs that you can sing to or would most like to hear a covers band playing on a Friday or Saturday night.

NO boy bands, girly pop, or punk. We are big fans of classic stuff like GnR, Queen, Beatles, also Muse, Radiohead.

Any hits by those bands (think Sweet Child O' Mine, Love Me Do, etc.) should do good.
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People love Panama and the boys are back in town
Also Limelight and burning for you!
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Thanks for the replies, some of the songs we do so far are:

Sweet Child of Mine
Beat It
Day Tripper
Crazy little thing called love
Smoke on the water


Any more ideas are welcome!!
bohemian rhapsody , everyone thinks they know all the words and they all ways think they can sing when mixed with drunk people they will have a good time