My God, it's been a while since I posted anything...anyway, here's a cover song I did by Nirvana. Not a lot people know it, so I hope you enjoy it! I think I posted a different version a long time ago, but this one is much better imo.

when the metal part kicked in around 1:00, it started to kick ass! not into the song, but i assume this is far more powerful than the original, and looks like it fits in very well
Guitars were done with a DigiTech GNX3000 multi-effects thru USB. I believe its a Dual Rectifier with a British 4x12 cabinet (maybe Marshall) for the distortion, and a Twin Reverb thru the same cabinet for the cleans.
im well aware of the song. i think you did this song justice. I really liked the bass, all in all it is an awesome cover and im glad somebody noticed how kick ass this song really is by Nirvana.

Oh, not trying to be a douche, but i think there is a forum for just cover songs.

i would really like to hear you cover pen cap chew by the way
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Music > Recordings > Original Recordings > Nirvana (COVER) ... wait wat..

yea.... ummm... thats what i was trying NOT to do. seems a little harsh.
Very tight all around. Guitar sounds good both clean and distorted, bass has a nice rumble to it.
My only issue is the vocals. The singing is good, but it seems just a tad bit too loud/overpowering. It's something with the acoustics on them. They sound really roomy, if that makes sense.

Might just be me nitpicking. Otherwise it's a really solid cover.
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