Hi, is it a good idea to boost volume and some frequencies when solo, i dont wanna use an OD like TS or BM because I want to keep original tone no need to add gain, just boost a little bit high or mid freq. Need some advices.
I mostly use my Boss GE-7 as a boost, i add a bit of low-mids with it as well.
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Well boosting mids will add a bit of gain on top but yea I use two EQs religiously with my Fender amp to give it a high gain Marshall-esque sound.
It's a fine way to boost an amp. The MXR 10 band is particularly good for this application because you can adjust the boost without having to touch the frequency sliders. You can dial in the perfect curve and then just adjust the overall level.
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EQ are fine , David Gilmour has 3x GE-7 with different settings :-) in his pedalboard

and maybe u can try volume pedal
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Tom Morello uses a EQ as a booster for solos, go for it
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The MXR ten band has input and output levels... I'm not sure how useful these are but it seems to me playing with them could have good results.
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