I recently got an Epiphone Dot, and I'm still getting some fret buzz after getting it setup properly. It only happens on the A string from the 2nd to the 11th fret. What might be causing this, and how do I fix it?

The guitar is in standard tuning with D'Addario 9s if that makes any difference.
Hi man, is it a new guitar or second hand? If new I'd go back to the shop if possible and get their tech to deal with it. If second hand it might be needing a fret dressing to level any high ones, the 11th fret might be sitting slightly high. How bad is it? is it almost muting the string or just buzzing a bit?
I got it second hand from somebody. So I guess it may need a fret dressing. It's just a bit of buzz, not really muting the string or anything. It's not even very noticeable on most of the frets when playing quite softly.
Yeh it's probably just a bit of wear, I tend to have my action fairly low so get a fair amount of fret buzz but as long as it doesn't fly out the amp at me I don't mind to much. How's the sound? Nice guitar otherwise?
Alright, I guess I'll have to bring it to a shop or something then. Yeah, other than that, I love the guitar. It sounds great, especially since the previous owner put some new pickups in it. Thanks for the help!