So I've been using my iPod to demo songs through Multitrack DAW and it's an amazing app but using either the built in mics or just the iRig mic, there's always a degree of noise and when layering tracks, I ultimately end up layering noise on noise. Next thing you know there's this cute little hiss and crackle thing going on. I like my high end frequencies so don't tell me to tweak the EQ.
Any suggestions? iPod noise-gate? Anything?
By a real interface.

Noise gates kill sound when there is nothing else going through it (the threshold isn't broke). You can't just kill noise and let everything pass threw fine that's not how it works. So either EQ out the noise, multi-band compress your high's and essentially lose your highs the same as EQing, or buy real gear.

That is just the truth.

EDIT: You could try notching out this hiss though (as opposed to shelfing or passing the EQing up high) although I doubt you will get results..
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So there's no way I can cancel out ambient noises?

There are, but none that you will find available as an app in the app store, or in anything free to my knowledge, except for Audacity's noise removal algorithm, but it's not as great as a more modern technology so will not completely solve your problem, and you'd have to go along and keep adjusting how much noise is removed in sections (which would be a pain to do to everything you ever record.

Getting a proper, dedicated microphone and a decent preamp (typically in an audio interface, which has the in-built A/D converters you'll also need somewhere, but that won't reduce unwanted hiss) will improve the quality sufficiently that you should be able to get at least demo-quality recordings from after a bit of practise/learning.
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1. Buy appropriate gear
2. strip silence (or its equivalent)
3. gate
4. automate the noise out
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