Hi Guys

Another fairly basic question....sorry about this but Ive not used anything other than a guitar and amp so far in my playing!
Id like to get a looper pedal....and have decided on the Jamman.... but Im unsure of the correct way to connect it up to the amp and guitar...
Im hoping that I will be able to create loops on the pedal using both the clean and dirty channels of the amp... First off is this possible?
And where do i connect the looper? Between the guitar and amp....or by using the FX loop connections on the back of the amp.
I know its abasic question....but I want to have the facilty to make loops using the full range of the amps capabilities.....
Thanks in advance
In the effects loop otherwise you wont get the preamp sounds i.e. the dirt. Basically the preamp does all the drive etc and the power section is just that, for power. The loop send and return go between the two so in the effects loop and you can use all the preamp stuff.
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Ahhh....many thanks for that...I kind of suspected that would be the case but needed reassurance before spending the money!!