Hey guys,

My school is hosting a rock concert early next year, so I put together a band for the concert. So far, we're playing Killing in the Name (without the swearing *wink* naa, we won't), Since U Been Gone (A Day to Remember) and perhaps Du Hast by Rammsteinn. All fairly rudimentary songs that a school crowd that are more inclined to listen to dubstep remixes.

Anyway, one of the other bands is playing Your Betrayal by Bullet for my Valentine as their opening song, which is great as the start is a very good opening for a gig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHgFJEJgUrg.

I was thinking it'd be good to have a song that is a good opener to. Any ideas that fit the demographic and the sort of music we're already playing? That'd be great!

Assuming it's a school full of diverse tastes, go for a tune that everyone knows. Make sure it's an upbeat 'feel good' kinda song that gets people in the mood too.

Also it never hurts to do pop tunes (rock them up if you must).
"Hey Ya" by Outkast is one that people would go nuts for. (Maybe not for an opener, just a suggestion!)
Well, last year we played Tool song (Parabola) that absolutely no-one knew but it was still a hit - so they are a bit more open minded then you'd first think.

We're definitely looking for a hard hitting opening though.
if you want to put the BfmV boys to shame then play Sequoia throne or bloodmeat by Protest the hero will make them all sh!t there pants then. OR ANYTHING FROM THEM at all tbh..

Goodluck dude, should post a vid of the performance whatever you pick to play later on.
Start with some thing really famous, energetic, upbeat, with a great sing along chorus. But nothing to difficult to play. The crowd when care how advanced you play, they want it to sound good.

How about Paranoid by Black Sabbath?
Walk by Pantera?
Back in Black by AC/DC?

What kind of vocalist do you have for this event?
Angel of death.
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Quote by jkielq91

What kind of vocalist do you have for this event?

Male. He's not a brilliant vocalist, as in, he won't be singing Muse or Radiohead anytime soon but he pulls of a good Killing in the Name. For reference (although obscure) he sounds like vocals in Wasteland by 10 000 Days when he's singing normally.
Do you mean 10 Years? I quite like the vocals in that song.

I know this'll get shot down quickly but a heavy cover of You Give Love A Bad Name similar to Atreyu's would be pretty good imo. You might not be forgiven for playing Bon Jovi, but I thought it was a pretty cool cover.

Other than that, I think Bang! Bang! by The Knux would be cool. I may be the only one with that opinion, unfortunately. Most people seem to like System of a Down so if you like them that may be a good choice?

Also, why Du Haast? Seemann is a much better song, and you can send out the inflatable boat.