It is my first time actually mixing metal and i have been trying to get it sound good, but it is missing things.

(Im just messing around ignore the crappy guitar playing, just giving you an idea of what it sounds like)

It sounds like there is things missing, and it is not blending good.

The things i did to this mix, (Mixing through Reaper)

Guitars - Running through Pod Farm and using Framus Combo impulse.
Compression (still sounds like crap)
Low cut, and a little high cut on the highs (trying to remove a bit of the hiss)

Drums - Low cut a bit of the kick, added a little mids to snare and low cut ect.

I am trying to make it fit well, like the guitars behind the kick, but still sound good. Looking for more of a Emmure feeling to it.

Any tips would be great.
There's a thread on mixing metal right below this. Perhaps you should follow its progress to learn a bit about mixing.
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Cut some of the bass from the guitar, and add an actual bass if possible and dial back the gain a bit. I would bring the guitar down a little bit also.
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