Hi guys,

I want to customise my guitar.
I don't really know where to find good stuff.
I have a Luna Gypsy Neo Natural. I want to put on some stuf like an pickguard and an new volume buttons. The parts must not be too expensive.

Greetings Finn.
Or since you're in the Netherlands, you might check out wdmusic.co.uk instead so you don't get hit with crazy taxes and shipping.

There are a bunch of parts stores online (my favourites being the aforementioned wdmusic and Thomann.de), and eBay sellers too, look at ebay.de, ebay.co.uk, ebay.nl.

But since your guitar isn't a 100% standard shape you'll probably have to cut the pickguard yourself. To do this properly you'll need some pickguard material, some MDF or plywood for templates, a jigsaw, a variable speed router and a chamfer bit for the router with a ball bearing at the bottom.
(above) +1

also check out warmoth.com but as he said above the shipping might be a fortune.
i changed the plan.

now i am going to buy a broken guitar and fix it.

need help finding a broken guitar. i live in the netherlands.