This simple little riff/lick/whathaveyou is giving me trouble. Not because it's difficult to play, because I can play it very fast at this point, but because the A string notes sound faaarr too bassy. Here's what I'm playing:


Play it at any speed, and the result is still the same. The D string notes all sound bright and cheery (Nothing is Palm Muted btw) like I want, but the A string notes have a Chunky/Thick/Bassy sound that I don't want. I even moved it down to be played on D&G, but then the D string notes sound chunky! What the DSFSDF >_<; How can I fix this? I want the A string to give a thin sound, not a Thump everytime I hit a note on it.
I'm not having the same problem. Could be your strings need changing. I dunno.

Are you playing it on acoustic, or electric? And through what amp?
Try (I'm just ordering it by what's easiest, may as well do easiest first):

  • Change position on pickup selector (you may have it set to the neck which has a deeper/thicker tone)
  • Changing the volume and tone knobs
  • Using a different pick
  • Changing the settings on your amp
  • Changing the angle of the pick
  • Using a different gauge of strings (lighter should do it)
  • Using a different guitar

Of course, 3 of these rely on it being an electric...
You might bee hitting those lower notes a bit harder than the others? New strings may also help. I didn't notice similar problem with that lick.

Also try lowering bass on your amp and the "bass" side of your pickup in case you're using electric guitar
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