Id like to know, how can I make some tunes that sound kinda psychedelic.

Songs like : Strawberry fields forever, interestellar overdrive, lucy in the sky with diamonds, I am the walrus, careful with that axe eugene, or more alternative sound like My iron lung by Radiohead.

I like that kind of songs.

All I know about music is:

Modal interchanges
Some about the modes
Some chords other than the triads (Maj7,min7, chords)
And a bit of theory

By reading the tabs of most of that songs, I can see that a lot of modal interchanges and some modulations are used. And sometimes the melody change depending on the chord that is played.
Amaj7 - Cmaj7 - Bbmaj7

What harmonic device does this progression use?

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use sound as a collage tool.
take a 12 bar blues and add the sound of your bath running, then add some sounds of you eating cornflakes, add some echo to this sound.

unusual chord progressions could be ones that borrow from a parallel major or minor .
I.e c major or minor.

lyrics are very important, symbolic lyrics . unusual mixes to stop the listener thinking logically and allowing the "soul to awaken"
also it could use bass line that move in step motion i.e

| C | B | Bb | A |
under a Chord