Okay so i just needed a capo and brought the first (cheap) one i saw on amazon:


Big mistake!

It works fine from the 5th fret but anything before that it practically mutes the strings because it is really loose.

Is there anything i can do so this wont be a problem?

Its extremely frustrating!
Buy a better capo, lol.
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Sounds like it just needs tightening up - even the cheapest of capos are normally adjustable, if this one isn't it really was a mistake (sorry!).

If it can be tightened, it should start working anywhere on your fretboard
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Complete failure.. Thanks for the info. Looks like im just gonna buy another one.

This. Only capo you will ever need. Got one recently and it was a massive upgrade from my Schubb in terms of ease of use and build quality.
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